Friday, August 03, 2007


So, apparently this is the summer of startitis. In my case, I really think it's more avoid-itis.

These days, I'm trying to avoid thinking about my career and going back to school and packing and moving and...

So I cast on the Fit-and-Flare Tulip Skirt. On US 3 needles. Cause. I'm. Crazy.

But we knew that already.

I did a pretty good job matching the colour, don'tcha think? What's funniest is that I wasn't even trying. I bought the yarn cause it was super pretty and on sale. (Briar Rose Sea Pearl from Pick Up Sticks)

Gawd, I love this yarn. I just hope I feel the same way after I've knit an entire skirt. On size 3 needles. (oy)

In other news, the object of my affections is planning a visit later this month, which makes me want to jump up and down and behave in a very un-seriouslawstudent-like manner. It shouldn't be legal to be this twitterpated. Seriously.

Y'know, I've been reading lots of great stuff about doing what you can with what you've got and living your heart's desire to the fullest possible extent every day, (Crazy Aunt Pearl's in particular) and simultaneously doing the yearly "Why the Hell am I Putting Myself Through This Shit?" dance as I stare down the prospect of returning to school for another year in order to have a career I'm not even sure I'll like.

It makes me want a big idea; the kind of idea that lets you quit your job and follow your dream; the kind of idea that makes it hard to sleep at night cause you just wanna get up and do it some more the next day.

Yeah. One of those.

I've decided that The Universe/giant cannoli/Luca Brasi/who or whatever the hell it is will send me some inspiration of that variety within the next month. (P.S. Could somebody make sure Luca gets that memo?)

In the meantime, I knit skirts on US 3 needles, and wade through boxes of my own stuff, and haul stuff to Goodwill and cook strange concoctions and sleep too late and obsess through all of it because...

Well. That's what I do.

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