Saturday, September 16, 2006

more tah-dah!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very excited to announce; in her first appearance here on One Red Sock; alllllll the way from Small Town, Ontario....

My sister in her sweater
My Sister

Note that she is pictured here in the fabulous garment I knit just for her. Here, have another look..

My sister in her sweater again

Isn't she cute?

Forgive the mediocre lighting, folks. She didn't show up until well after dark, and there's only so much one can do with a 40-watt bulb...

Since my sister is currently here with us..."in the building" if you will, today's post will be, as should be apparent, mostly show and tell. Much to say, but so little time. Many things will be written in the near soon as I figure out how to say them. In the meantime:

Also up for show and tell is my sweet pea hat:

Sweet Pea Hat
Cute huh?

Want a better look at the curlyque detail? Why, no trouble at all....

Closeup of the curlyque

Finally, remember my fabulous roving? Y'know, the the happiest roving on earth? Here it is:

Happy Roving

It's like springtime in a mountain-top meadow all rolled up and channelled into a giant bag o' fluff! Here, look closer...

Happy Roving Closeup

I'm so happy with it all, I'm positively tickled. Also coming down the pipe is a picture of my very first skein (soon, I promise), the finishing of the beige sweater that I started in May (about time too!) and some other cute hats, a pair of sox (or twelve) and my very first attempt at dying yarn (with Kool-Aid), provided that my KnitPicks* order arrives sometime within the next millenium.

Until next time...

* I strongly encourage you to stay away from this site if you like your bank account. Your wallet will thank you.


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