Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Apparently, I will never learn.

In the height of my furor, I hatched an evil plot involving women from around the world mailing me photographs of themselves in tshirts that said, "I Hate Tyler." across the chest, and "I will not be nice to stupid boys. I will not be nice to stupid boys..." down the back. C'mon, can't you picture it? Boxes and boxes of pictures arriving at his (parents' - he still lives with mommy and daddy) doorstep. It was a good, if somewhat unfeasible, plan.

I must learn to stop letting people use me. I know that's what M is doing. I know that he only contacts me when he needs/wants something from an upper year student. I know that I deserve SO much better than that.

I. will. not. be. nice. to. stupid. boys. ANYMORE!


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