Saturday, August 05, 2006

hello again

After a mental vacation from all things electronic, the prodigal daughter returns to share her observations and thoughts from life outside the electronic world....

Okay, so really, I was just busy being out in the world and doing stuff - living life and such. I've discovered that when your job chains you to a computer all day, it's often very difficult to sit down in front of one at night. Also, the closer I get to starting school, the more rebellious and lazy I feel. Go figure, huh? In any case, here are some random thoughts and epiphanies in no particular order. Some are mundane and others...not so much. Enjoy...

  1. People are not like computers. They do not always respond to logic and reasoning. You can make an airtight case and be totally and completely right...and they'll still do exactly as they please.

    This, I learned from my perfectly lovely, but sometimes unreasonable boss. I have spent many hours ennumerating all the various reasons why in-line html in an email is a bad idea. I have demonstrated all the numerous and terrible things that different email programs (including the one supplied by her employer, since it will be used by virtually ALL the recipients of her email) will do to a perfectly fabulous piece of code. She remains unmoved. She wants what she wants because it's, and I quote, "so pretty!"

    I'm beginning to wonder why insurance isn't offered to technology employers for when their frustrated employees throw the computer out the window.

  2. The universe is all about the what, not the how. You just need to ask for what you want; the big goal; the feeling; the raison d'etre, and let the universe worry about the details...and things will fall into place. I don't want to talk about it just now - I'm still a little afraid I might jinx it. Let's leave it at this: things are falling into place nicely.

  3. You are my best friend, and I do love you more than words can express, and I will support you in any way I can in anything that you do.....but I can no longer be silent.

    I keep thinking that if only I could find the right words, you would understand, but the right words don't exist as long as the words are all you're listening to. Until you can hear me with your heart, we will never get past this.

    And that's what makes it difficult for me to be near you.

  4. I actually really like tacos. Who knew?

  5. I really am addicted to caffeine. Without it, you get posts like this.

And on that note, off I go...


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