Monday, July 10, 2006

weekend (and baby hat) update

Being as my availability for picture-taking has been somewhat limited this weekend, I do not yet have photos to share. (and if the weather doesn't improve sometime soon, I won't have any well-lit photos for quite some time). However, I have finished a number of hats which I am excited to share. The following hats inspired by various fruits/veggies have been successfully completed by me in the past several days:

Strawberry (see below)
...with a Pineapple well on the way to completion as well.

Stopped by the new home of Lettuce Knit on Sunday. Met Ryan, Megan's cat. (p.s. Megan: Ryan's real name is Simon. He told me so.)

Also on Sunday Em and I had breakfast at the Senator. Oh, Senator pancakes! How I love thee, let me count the ways...

Since my horrifying, yet rewarding first overnight shift at the NBS on Thursday/Friday, my once black lip has now faded to a rather menacing purple.

Note to self: even a door in the hands of a sleepless person can be a weapon.

All in all it was a lovely time, although it would've been nice if I'd gotten to sit down once in a while. Also, one of my 4.5mm DPNs wandered away. I think it grew legs like the gum in the commercials. That, or some poor dancer really needed a funny looking pointy stick to hold her bun in place. Y'know...whatever.

This event gave me the perfect excuse to acquire a NEW set of Bryspun DPNs while on abovementioned visit to Lettuce Knit. Let me just state for the record that these needles were decieving in their plain vanilla whiteness. I truly adore them. They are short enough that I can work in the round without constant readjustments to get at the needle I need. Also, they are "sticky" so my yarn doesn't fall off the ends while I'm struggling to do decreases on the other side of the hat. Simply put, they are perfect.

In other news, a dear friend who has made a habit of wandering in and out of my life has recently wandered back in. He is going (or has he gone already?) to Australia soon, but upon his return, he will be in the TDot once again. (Read: I might actually get to hang out with him once in a while - school/practicum schedules permitting - once again.) This is very exciting news.

Finally, I have recently received word that the family W will be visiting in the next few weeks. This is good because I will finally get to give my sister her graduation sweater. This is bad because you can only coop my family up together for so long before somebody starts a fight. Should be interesting. Wish me luck. (and patience!)

Well, looks like it's time to go be productive and oh...I for a living?

Happy Monday, people!


Blogger Em said...

Did we ever get around to asking Cale if he has a new person moving into his house, and if her name might start with G?

12:50 p.m.  
Blogger dichotoMe said...

The thing about calling Cale is that you're never certain whether you'll get a call back.

Thus far, I haven't.

Sortof like you.


11:52 a.m.  

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