Monday, July 03, 2006


Bought some yarn at Lewiscraft (they're still open, woo hoo!) even though it wasn't the same dye lot. Next to the rest of the sweater, it doesn't look any different to me, so I'm going with it.

Went to wal-mart and got needles so I can cast on other project before I gnaw my own arm off out of boredom   have to start looking for something other than knitting to occupy my time do something foolish like ordering needles (and of course yarn to make it worth while) from the internet.

Went to no frills at Dufferin mall and discovered that their produce is MUCH better than the produce at MY no frills. Purchased said produce.

From my shopping trip, I have gained several resolutions:

  1. Never, never go shopping on a holiday/weekend/friday night again.

  2. Learn to be more understanding of those who walk at the pace of a drunken snail going uphill in molasses more slowly and erratically than you

  3. Always, always resist the urge to take allow abovementioned bag of produce and swing it at those slow walkers' heads to bump those who walk more slowly than you.

Me? Irritated?


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