Friday, September 15, 2006


Today is a post about progress. You see, when you have a to-do list that's hovering somewhere near forty items, (40 -- I'm not kidding) you have to celebrate the small successes.

First of all, I finally have a picture to show you of my fabulous fall socks.

Okay, I have a few....

First, this one that shows how perfectly they fit me...

And this one that shows beautiful stitch detail...

And of course there has to be the gratuitous and mildly exploitative close-up...

I am in love with these socks. I am in LUUUUV nay besotted with this sock yarn. I even composed a love letter:

My Darling Trekking (XXL) Colour 105,

Will you marry me? Say you'll be mine or my feet shall never be warm again! In return for your continued subtley marled, soft and cozy warmth, Dear Trekking, I promise to handwash you dutifully and wear you daily. Can't you see we're made for each other? Say the word, darling, and I'm yours.

Pining eternally,

Trekking has yet to get back to me on that one. I'm beginning to become hopeless.

Since we're on a picture-roll, why don't you take a look at my very first singles?

Can you tell which one I did first? I can. Kinda like Where's Waldo, isn't it?

And here's another vaguely exploitative close-up of one of my singles in its native habitate. Like it's creator, it likes to preserve a little of the mystique and mystery by hanging out in shadows and brooding....

Another thing to celebrate is the very great feat I managed earlier today wherein I refrained from throttling a young man with my bare hands. The interlude went something like this:

Ignorant Young Man (IYM): "But why don't we represent men charged with domestic abuse/violence? It makes no sense."

Me: "Well, about ten years ago, we named women as a priority group at this legal clinic; most especially women survivors of domestic abuse."

IYM: "It seems sortof arbitrary. Why can't we represent both?"

Me: "Well, first of all, we don't want to create a conflict of interest because we can't represent both parties in a dispute. Also, the Downtown Legal Clinic will represent men, so we can refer them there. Most importantly, don't you think it might undermine the priority position of women survivors of domestic abuse to have to come in to our office to take advantage of our services and find.... the physical embodiment of the reason she's currently involved in legal proceedings; a man who beats his wife, allegedly or otherwise, sitting in the waiting room or coming out of an office? Don't you think she's terrified enough?

IYM: (huffily) "It's still totally arbitrary and ridiculous. I just don't get it."

Me: (archly) "Clearly."

Totally impressive self-control, if I do say so myself. Definitely a reason for celebration!

Today was also a day in which I plyed my singles into a lovely two-ply, which shall be framed and hung (or something equally impressive) forthwith and purchased the happiest roving on earth. I had a crush on the marmalade as well, but my finances and self-discipline only allow me one spinning project at a time, and I'm already sortof breaking the rules, as I haven't yet finished spinning the lovely red/pink/orange roving I purchase last week.

See? Totally celebration-worthy day.

Now, if you all are very, very good, you may just get some pictures of the above mentioned new yarn and roving, as well as (gasp) a pic of the illusive twin tomorrow!

Do you see what happens when I inhale too many bleach fumes, people??

I'd best get started. I'm off to:

  • clean my apartment

  • make 3 litres of meat sauce

  • scrub the bathroom

  • build a website

  • read about 200 pages

  • swatch for upcoming projects

  • do laundry

  • ...notice how sleep hasn't come up there yet...?

Wish me luck, guys. I'll need it.


Blogger Rachel said...

It's nice to hear about your affection for Trekking XXL. I have just ordered 3 balls to try it out for the first time. I love the way it looks -- I just hope I like how it feels just as much!

10:09 a.m.  

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