Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ask and it will be given

It sounds trite and/or moderately religious, but for me it's neither. I've come to the conclusion that I've been holding on too tight; holding back in fear that I might fail...which leads inevitably to my failure. So one day not too long ago,I decided to just stop it. To reorient my thinking, and plant myself firmly in the driver's seat, so-to-speak; stop letting things happen to me and start happening to them.

The most astounding thing has happened.

Lately I've noticed people noticing me in a new way. The things they seem to think about me are remarkably positive too. The worrier on the inside is rather alarmed by this development. (I wonder if perhaps it's concern over job-security.) I've accomplished things I never would've dreamed I would be able to so easily do.

Just last week, I remarked to several people that I could use a little extra breathing-room in the cashflow department, and today I got called in for a relief shift at the NBS tomorrow night.

Ask and it will be given.


In knitting news, I'm nearly finished my first strawberry hat (pictures to follow) and contemplating whether I can make and apple/a pear out of some chenille/squishy pale yellow baby yarn. Thoughts?


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