Monday, May 07, 2007

bad girl

Readers, I have been a very bad girl these last coupla months. Not only have I not posted regularly, leaving you all to wonder whether I'd been consumed by my stash, I've also been busy acquiring some of my favourite things: sock yarn, chocolate and wine. Of course I've had fun!

The three lovely ladies you see below are my most recent acquisitions hailing from Fearless Fibers and making me excruciatingly happy. They are soft and squishy and just...AWESOME! Seriously. I'm drooling.

Next up, are my recent acquisitions from Wool Girl, a new shop to the internet. From left to right they are: Miss Babs One of a Kind #2, Stone Barn Fibers in Cattails, Cherry Blossom in Central Park and at the top? That's Sereknitty in Romance. And. It's. Gorgeous.

But I've been making stuff too! See? These are socks made out of All Things Heather in Dr. Who colourway she died just for me! Awesome, aren't they? They're a special gift for He Who Shall Not Be Labelled (HWSNBL from now on). He's a Dr. Who fan after all.

And these are koigu knee socks just for me. Aren't they purdy? I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed/surprised at first when the colourway striped like that, but I grew to love it. (and I was too lazy to adjust the number of stitches to fix it.)

And finally, in the tradition of the Yarn Harlots Big Pink Thing, I present to you my very own Big Green Thing!

Can you guess what it is?


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