Sunday, March 04, 2007


You can tell that Tiffany is working on a paper when...

This is my morning latte (Yes. That's right. I said Latte. Indeed, I am one of those fancypants people who believes that there is very little point in having a cappuccino maker in the kitchen if you are not going to engage in making the aforementioned cappuccino on a regular basis. So sue me.) As I sat at my paper-writing and yarnish arts-related items-strewn desk this morning, waiting for the caffeine to sink in and my brain to turn itself over so that I might begin my work for the day, I noticed something intriguing. Here, let me show you...

Progress bars.

In my latte.

Ladies and gentlement, we have indeed reached an entirely new level of both computer geekery and omphaloskepsis. (go look it up if you need to. I prefer the OED, but now they're charging. Capitalist Bastards.) I cannot tell you how much amusement I felt at the realization that my coffee cup, without any prompting from me, was itself monitoring my progress from "grumpy and not yet awake so please do not talk to me unless it is to offer me coffee" to "okay, I suppose I will tolerate you, but only if you do not speak too loudly" to "ready to go! what's next? let's get started!".

Perhaps I should get out more.

For those of you who are interested, my paper (at this point in time) is about the erosion of privacy protection within our legal system by digital copyright protection measures. Since I am in Canada, I will be writing mostly into the vacuous unknown since we still haven't managed to make up our minds and put some legislation in place. Not that I mind. Quite frankly, I like a little bit of unknown. In this case, the devil you know is far less attractive than the devil you don't know, as far as I'm concerned.

Right. So. Moving along...

I bet you'd all like some knitting content, wouldn't you? Guess what? Me too. I've a finished (maybe?) sweater to show you. (I can't decide whether I like the sleeves) and another is on the needles. I've also got a gift for a certain somebody on the needles which I will not show you until it's finished, and you will not see on the giftee as we are not yet at a point in our budding whateveritis that I can as yet feel comfortable exposing my complete blog-geekery to him. Mildly frivolous poses in various and improbable places will have to suffice. If I ever finish the damn thing. Ahem.

Now, as you can see, I am late for a date with academia... Tah for now!

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