Saturday, January 13, 2007

happy birthday to ME!

So, technically, it's not my birthday for another few hours yet, but I just couldn't wait to least a bit.

The moment has finally arrived.

THIS arrived in the mail today! *insert me squealing like an over-excited thirteen-year-old here*

Please show due appreciation for my incredible demonstration of self-restraint and patience in that I not only read and gathered the import of this:

I also took the time to photograph it as I went along in order to better preserve the moment for you folks at home.

I love wood - the natural material combined with the careful and considered attention that I know Jonathan puts into each and every one of his pieces is clearly visible in this piece and it's that touch that makes this book charka all the more special to me.

And here it is open on my desk. Note that, although I did take time to take pictures of this process, I did not bother to:
a) hang up my sweater - observe house right
b) nor properly arrange my composition - observe corner of lamp in upper right-hand corner

My sister also bought me my very own skein of sea silk *insert another squeal here* and there's some other birthday-ish yarn pørn fun to be shown in the coming days...

As for me?

I'm off to roll around in my yarn...



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