Sunday, December 24, 2006

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Welcome to the re-design. It's a reorganization, really. Please note that I still need to take a serious accounting of what's in the queue. To tell the truth, I'm a wee bit afraid to do that. I have a lot to knit. I mean a lot.

I'm trying to finish Amanda's jaywalkers (STR Xmas Balls).

Then I hafta do her entrelac socks in Posh.

Then Sahara for me in some fantastic pink Brooks Farm.

Then...let's stop there. I'm already getting a little woozy.

During the craziness that was exams, I also found some time to pick up some fabric (on sale!!) for a cute superduperheavyduty tote bag and a fabulous dupioni silk/tapestry embroidered/super comfy skirt (it already exists in my head). Since I left that stuff in the TDot, I'm hoping to knock those out sometime around the beginning of January - perhaps I'll even be able to wear the skirt for my birthday! Twenty-five, eee! I keep trying to tell people I'm 23, I dunno how I'll ever keep up to my actual age.

Now, can anybody tell me how we got to Christmas Eve Eve already?? It so doesn't seem like Christmas around here. We're doing all the Christmas traditions: decorating of gingerbread stuffs, wrapping of presents, trimming of trees, hanging of stockings; the whole bit. And yet it still hasn't clicked for me. Perhaps it's the lack of snow. I'm thisclose to breaking out into my very own rendition of "Where are you Christmas?" like in that movie about the grumpy green character that shall not be named. Now all I hafta do is figure out how to get my hair to stand up like that...

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