Monday, November 06, 2006

the art of restraint

Despite my recently ever-present and aching urge to knitknitKNIT lately, and logically to buybuybuy things like this or this, or maybe this, I have remained strong. I have resisted. the. urge. Just barely.

I've developed a few techniques to help me with this. They are:

  1. remind myself how similar the desired yarn is to something already in the stash

  2. try to fit the entire stash in the designated containers all at the same time

  3. make a list of all the projects left to knit

When all of those fail, I simply check out my (empty) bank account.

When I start calculating how many hours I have to work to buy X, Y, or Z, I write lines.

I will not buy yarn.
I will not buy yarn.
I will not buy yarn.

I (sob) will not (sob) buy (sob) yaaaaaarn....

Somebody take away my internet privileges.

It's for my own good, really.


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