Friday, October 27, 2006

a festival named desire

Am I the only one seized with the irrepressable desire to knit EVERY SINGLE WARM N' COZY SWEATER EVER DESIGNED?!

Like this?

Or this?

Perhaps it's just the nesting urge that seems to overtake me every year as the weather turns, but lately, all I want to do is knit. School and work just get in the way.

My other preoccupation of late has involved putting my new ball winder to good use, making these:

I have a strange affinity for churning out, and then stacking these babies. I might be OCD, even for a knitter.

In other good news, as promised, I finally have pictures of the Rhinebeck haul to share.

Here's the beautiful batt from Grafton fibres -- so glad I went there first, that stuff moved fast!

Conveniently enough, as I paid at Grafton, I noticed the incredibly long line forming for the STR at The Fold. I promptly went to secure a couple skeins for myself, and one as a gift for my sister.

I also fell in love with this Merino/Silk. I get all tingly just thinking about this. You wish you could reach in and touch this. You really do.

I fell in love with this wool/mohair/silk blend at Brooks Farms. Confining myself to only two hanks was such a challenge.

It was at the end of day one of Rhinebeck that my sister made the ultimate knitter-sidekick mistake. After having lovingly stowed all of the above in the back of the car, she turns to me as I buckle myself in and says these words:

"Huh. There's a moth in the car."

I promptly stage a mildly hysterical and frantic seige on the haul, shaking and examining, tying double knots in the tops of all bags. My sister, all the while, is having a good chuckle at my impromptu impression of a crazy person.

Turns out it was just a fly.

It took me a good ten minutes to recover my composure, and another five to glue my ensemble and hairdo back together.

On day two, my sister and I discovered this Mohair/Wool at Titangel Farms. The colourway is called "Mushroom." It's photographed terribly, despite all my best efforts, but trust's magnificent. Earthy and warm with a fantastc sheen to it.

Finally, at Briar Rose, my sister and I picked up a few cool stitchmarkers and a gorgeous button each.

I would've loved to pick up some more yarn -- they had gorgeous stuff -- but I was still feeling some guilt over my charka order and decided to be good. We'll see how long that lasts.

Happy knitting weekend everybody!


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