Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the yarn harlot stole my title

Day One:

First we got lost...

Then we got found. . .

Then the lanes shifted. . .

And we finally arrived!

There's my sister checking in. Doesn't she look cute for having driven for eight hours?

And this is what I did while I waited in the car. Too little sleep plus too much driving, plus too much time on my hands, and this is what you get!

Day Two: On the road to Rhinebeck.

We were blessed with a beautiful day.

Actually, the most gorgeously, amazingly beautiful, cotton candy clouded, blue skied, sparkling water'd, sunkist mountained, turning of leave'd day EVAR!

The camera can do it no justice.

Here's some more pictures in case you weren't convinced.

Hey look! A house!

And Mandy's favourite tree.

Here are Google's directions. Of course we got lost.

Here are the directions from the tollbooth guy with which we got found. Ironic, huh?

We're getting close. . .

Rhinebeck is a very cute

very welcoming town

with a cute church

and cute cows

and a cute gas station

and these people are serious about their welcoming!

There's also a cute hardware store

and a cute house.

Even the professional services are cute!

Lookit the cute runner! You can't see it, but, well...you guessed it, his dog is cute too.

There are also cute stores

and a cute main street

and even a cute ice cream place!

Apparently, Rhinebeck is also the home of the most beautiful house on earth!

Duchess County Fairgrounds, here we come. . .

And we're there!

And so are a lot of other people. . .

A LOT of other people.

Aren't you glad we're already here?

Aren't you?

Aren't you!?

They even came by the busload!

And even the fairgrounds are beautiful.

and cute.


Bunny pics!

Am I the only one who thinks angoras look like cartoon characters?

Lookit that face!

The perfect combination of fall and cuteness!

When we finally got inside, Building A was already packed. I was rather impressed with myself that I managed to make it to Grafton Fibers before the yarn harlot (ha!) and secured myself a beautiful batt of my very own. (pics of the haul when I get my camera back)

11AM on day one. The STR is already picked clean. The lineup was totally worth the wait. I even made some friends in line!

As far as I'm concerned, the ladies from The Fold deserve sainthood for their patience and charm in dealing with the never-ending lineup with smiles on their faces. They were even sweet about my stupid newbie spinner questions.

Then I decided to try the charka. I didn't do very well at first.

Then Johnathan explained.

Now I get it. . .

I really get it!

Hey look! I just bought a charka!

Apparently, we're not the only ones who've inhaled enough yarn fumes for the day. . .

There's even a lineup to leave.

Ahhh. . .

We even saw more of Amanda's favourite trees along the way back to the hotel

We saw this too. Can anybody explain this (entirely green) license plate to me?

How 'bout this sign? How does one pick one's own pumpkins? Do they give you a wheelbarrow?

A beautiful drive and a quick outlet shopping trip later, and we checked in to discover this:

Biggest Bed Ever.

and this Biggest TV Ever

and even a pullout couch!

and coffee! What more could a girl ask for?

Day Two and we were back on the road.

Because you only get one chance to be goofy.

And I'm a keener.

Day two was mostly more of the same. I bought a ball winder and some roving and some very utilitarian and necessary black wool. We watched a bit of the "Punkin Chuckin' Contest" (I have video to prove it!), ate crumble, and bought some buttons. Cold and tired, we decided to head for home. . .

That was one pushy bus driver.

And what's with the creepy service stations? They ALL LOOK THE SAME on the I-90. Anybody know why they decided to go with a ski lodge motif for this particular interstate?

How about this strange parade of service vehicles??

Every Sunday the New York State cherry pickers come out to play?

The trip back was uneventful until THIS:

That was fun.

Finally home, and we totally collapsed into bed.

Pictures of the haul soon.


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