Sunday, November 05, 2006

the postman's girl

The UPS driver looked slightly perturbed about my vaguely lecherous expression when he handed me the electronic do-dad to sign for my package. How could he know that what awaited me inside was this?:

Matt & Nat bag

I. Heart. This. Bag.

Yes, it is just like my brown one. Only red. Which is of course better. Everything is better in red as far as I'm concerned. This bag is my Mary Poppins bag. It just keeps going and going and going...everything fits in it! It's a good thing I'm in law school, man. I have expensive taste.

This weekend I got called into the ballet school. I'm a house mommy (the technical term is "residence life counsellor") on a relief basis there. I quite like it because I get to spend some time with young souls who are at the point where they're capable of fairly adult reasoning. (the pay doesn't suck either) This weekend however, was quite challenging. There were some big attitudes and some inappropriate words thrown about. Groundings were issued. The scaryquietangry voice was called into service.

I always wondered what I would do if they ever acted up on my shift. Now I know.

In knitting news, I have successfully completed about four zillion hats to date. Today I met 3-year-old Astrid and her father with a strawberry hat. Her gorgeous blond curls and big, round blue eyes under that red hat were possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love this business.

Additionally, yesterday I managed to knit half of my boss' Christmas present twice. Now, the uninformed reader might think that her present was complete, but they would be mistaken! Nono. I knit the first half...twice. Despite my most diligent swatching, my gauge was way off the first time. Given that I don't think my boss will be gaining any weight around her ankles in the near future, I had no choice.

Soon, I will be allowed to knit something for myself. (woo hoo!)

In furry news, everybody is safe and sound and the place has been death-attempt-free for just over a month now. The back-home kitty has also proved to be cancer-free, so happy days are these!

I am still perpetually amazed at the power of positive thought and intention. There truly is nothing that I cannot be or do or have. The power scares me a little.

So, on that note, I have a few knitting projects that I'm looking for some help on:

  1. a friend has a thing for birds. I would like to make her socks for a "winter holidays gift." Any thoughts out there in the blogosphere?

  2. I have heard read many stories regarding the notoriously difficult-to-attain ideal fit for the Loop-D-Loop Lace Leaf Pullover. Anybody got any instructions, tips, or other helpful comments?

  3. where can I find a relatively inexpensive, used spinning wheel for learning on? I check craigslist, ebay and the newspaper regularly, but shipping from the USA is simply too expensive in most cases. Alternatively, if anyone y'all know is looking to re-home their neglected wheel, I'm your girl! I will love it and cherish it and take very good care of it.

Thanks in advance to all those who read and respond. Feel free to drop me a line just to sympathize!

Now I'm off to eat chili and cornbread and cake and wine at family dinner with G and E.

Later days...


Blogger Emma said...

Cute bag! And--mmmm!--chili and conrbread sounds sooo gooood right now.

3:25 p.m.  

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