Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa...

...this Christmas, don't bring me any yarn or needles or patterns. Bring me some self-control.

Apparently, in the imaginary world in which the Easter Bunny and I frolic, I have suffered myself with the dillusion that I can knit precisely 4 sweaters, 3 paris of socks and 2 shawls in the two weeks I have off from school. While I am a focused and competitive person who excels at accomplishing tasks efficiently, even I know that this is impossible.

I get picked up to be driven to my parent's place tonight and am faced with the task of deciding which yarns gets to come with me. And I don't want to leave any of them behind!

In contradictory news, I managed to spend several hours in my fav LYS last night for knit night and a party...and not purchase a thing.

K, must dry hair - I hear it's hard to dye it if it's wet and the stylist might get pissy with me...

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