Saturday, March 17, 2007

random images from a mundane existence

And I like it just fine that way thankyouverymuch

I should be reading for my neverending paper research, but decided to take a break to share these with you.

Welcome to the current top of my desk. These are the pet yarns for the moment. They will eventually become socks. I loves the little yarn cakes. I loves them gooooood. (Yes, X-mas Rock really IS that electric. Surprising, no?)

Here's what's currently on the spinning wheel. She's (the spinning wheel, that is) nameless. I'm thinkin for my impending first blogiversary, I will have a name-my-spinning-wheel contest, with the winner getting something yarnish and yummy.... We'll see.

The roving is from Dudley Spinner and the colour is called Debbie. Doesn't look like Debbie to me. To me, this looks like peach-raspberry sorbet...and sunshine...yeah...sunshine...

After seeing the incredible yumminess (Go ahead. Go look. I'll wait.) that Cara created, I had to have some for myself. And lemme tell you, ladies and gents, I was not disappointed. This stuff spins like buttah. It's all I can do to tear myself away from it when my allotted spinning reward-time is over. Oy.

I'm still working on a coupla sweaters, but progress is slow-going with end o' semester nearing. I won't bore you with pictures of the interminable.

Also lots of skipping beats and blushing cheeks, but nothing particular to say and not enough time to craft anything more witty or captivating at present. Soon it will be summer....


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